Friday, July 31, 2009

Walt Moves Outside!

and gets largerrrrrrrrrrrr!

From right to left (as the Hebrews do), these are Walt, Christopher Robin, and Elvis. Single mother with three boys! What are the odds?

Walt Continues to Grow and Amaze!

first here's one of JUST walty.

Oh man! I think I see a little brother or sister! Must be Christopher Robin.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Classic Jade"

A typical adult Jade plant looks more like this:

But I have to say that new baby Walt is looking different - his leaves are thin and jagged. HOWEVER, they still grow in pairs. And baby Walt leaves had the general shape of these "classic jade" leaves.

Walt Continues To Amaze


It would have been enough for Walt just to grow two leaves. It would have been enough for Walt just to grow two more. But would you look at the color on these babies?!!?!

Walt Watch Anew!

Earlier this year, Walt fell into a deep sleep - so deep that he appeared dead. My four-years companion and charge was no longer green or rubbery or woody. The jade was unrecognizable.

Then a few months ago, Walt came back! He popped up in his pot one day and looked like this:
Now that he's back, we hang out all the time and sit outside together and now we have this blog.