Thursday, September 3, 2009

UPDATE: Maybe He's A Tree?

Don't those stems look like baby tree trunks? If Walt, Christopher Robin, Elvis, and the rest are really going to try to grow up and be trees, they can't stay in that planter for much longer. Their roots would start to hurt!

The Tree Theory comes from a few facts:
1) our upstairs neighbors have a fire escape
2) that fire escape has a miniature tree planter
3) gravity seems to exist
4) germinated tree seeds might even be heavier than ungerminated tree seeds, meaning they'd DEFINITELY fall RIGHT ONTO WALT'S PLANTER!

Here are the holes in the Tree Theory:
1) But isn't Walt a jade plant?
2) I guess now he's a half-breed like me.
3) How exactly DO trees reproduce? I recall words like "gymnosperm" and "mitosis/meiosis," but I'm at a loss if I wanted to VERIFY that the germinated seeds could fall into Walt's planter. Krebs cycle? Xylem and phloem.

Another thing is that Walt needs MUCH, MUCH more water than before. If I miss three days in a row, he's drooping worse than Miss Havisham. Back when he was just a jade plant, he went for days and days and days without water because that's what desert plants do.

The mystery continues, but at least now we have a theory. Maybe he's a tree!

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