Tuesday, October 13, 2009

UPDATE: He's Probably A Weed

It's true, I have a certain feeling that this new iteration of Walt (and his numerous siblings) is actually a system of weeds. Here's how I feel about it: if this were a living, breathing child, I would not hesitate to raise him as my own, even upon hearing this news. However, Walt II is just a plant, and in fact he's a weed, which I have been trained to hate from the first day my mom made me pull weeds on weekend mornings. I will miss this reincarnation of Walt, but I feel that I would best honor Walt's spirit and memory by replacing him with another noble jade. The new plant will know how great Walt was, as I plan to tell him or her stories of Walt and his movie star joie de vivre.

Instead of getting rid of the weed, I could always just keep it around on the fire escape. Just in case it is a living, breathing thing after all.

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